Gabriel Espinoza and his story of success

"I am from the town of La Ermita de Lo Barnechea. My mother did not like that I was at home, she encouraged me to do all the activities I wanted, so since I was a child I have played sports to get away from bad meetings.

The blows of boxing are softer than those of life: my father is a drug addict, he has been using cocaine since I was two years old and five years ago he got into base paste. I haven't seen him since last year. my sister Fernanda, who is almost 10 years old and also boxing at the Foundation, has not seen him since she was a baby.

I came to the Ganémosle a la Calle workshops three years ago with my girlfriend Francisca Quilodrán. We saw a poster, we did not go to the website and also to Club Ringo, which runs the workshops in which we participate. We came to a sparring class and they told us that we had hearts, that the technique could be improved and that we should start coming. The Foundation and the Club gave us the opportunity to train completely free. The teachers are always there to raise our spirits or give good advice, they get us fights and take care of us, health is the most important thing. Once they took me out of the ring because they found out that my contender, who had the same number of fights as me, was a teacher ten years ago.

We practice almost every day of the week and in the Wednesday workshop we help the little ones. I always tell my sister that this is never going to be an obligation. Sometimes I take her cell phone to do her homework, but she would never punish her with sports. She practices it for her own motivations; many tell her that she is going to be the next Leona Asenjo or Crespita Rodríguez.

My biggest inspiration is Manny Pacquiao, who is left-handed just like me, because he came out of poverty, was a champion in eight divisions and is still in force at 40 years of age. Boxing has taught me discipline, respect, and loyalty. It is a gentlemen's sport.

Today I am studying my first year of law and every morning I go jogging. "


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Joaquin Montero 3.000 Of 701, Vitacura.

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