What is Ganémosle a la calle ?

We are a foundation that offers opportunities to youth via free sports workshops in at-risk neighborhoods. The goal is to keep kids off the streets and away from the many street-related risks.

700 Youth

Hundreds of children each week grow up with the values and opportunities that sport offers.

11 Sport Centers
11 Sport Centers

Enabled to develop workshops in optimal spaces, with excellent implements and the best teachers.

8 Districts
8 Districts

Districts: Estación Central, Recoleta, Renca, Quillota, Colina, Lampa, Rengo, Quilicura

6 sports

Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Boxing, Dance, Initial Sports School.

We create opportunities for at-risk youth by providing free sports. We fight against risks associated with street-life such as drugs, alcohol and crime.
Help reduce the vulnerability associated with drugs, crime and sedentary lifestyle in children and youth.

Welcoming at-risk children and youth through sport as a means of education, development and social integration.

Be a reference of how people can, through sports, obtain better opportunities in life; develop positive life skills; change bad behaviors in a positive way; and educate and integrate children and youth through sport.

Be a reference of public policies on issues related to at-risk of children and youth through skills such as sports.




Open workshops for youth of all ages who are interested in participating in sports.



Participants of our program will receive positive reinforcement for their efforts. Technical, nutritional and psychological reinforcement for talented participants is highly supported amongst those who want to project their sports performance in a professional manor.



Many of our youth go on to become teachers for the foundation and/or are working towards athletic careers.Participants in our programs have the potential to become foundation teachers and/or study for careers linked to sports.

Our Team


Our Board

Our non-profit organization was founded in the memory of Federico Carvallo Pérez. He was a person who did not go unnoticed throughout his life. Federico left behind his beautiful wife, two amazing children and many great friends. Federico was an athlete who achieved great goals in many different disciplines. He lived a full life and was always looking for ways to help others. He felt that it was fundamental to get to port, regardless of the route that had to be made. Ganémosle a la Calle is a way for us to perpetuate his legacy. We seek out to provide free sport workshops and activities to at-risk youth. In his honour, we do this now.

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Joaquin Montero 3.000 Of 701, Vitacura.

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